A Weight-Loss Emergency That Saved A Couple’s Lives

Weight-Loss EmergencyThe overwhelming cases of obesity are well-known facts not only in the United States but all across the globe. It has become a prevailing condition that has to be handled by everyone seriously, and not to be treated as a form of a joke or any laughing matter. It concerns a lot of people’s lives, just like it did Justin and Lauren Shelton’s alarming experiences. Here’s a brief story of their journey from struggle to triumph until they took control of their lives.

The Difficulties in the Beginning

For most overweight and obese individuals, they are usually bigger than most kids in school back when they were young until it kept growing with age. This is what Lauren, who then weighed 341 pounds, has confessed in her personal blog, . The story for Justin is slightly different. He has suffered a knee injury that prevented him from playing sports. Thus, he turned to poor eating habits until his weight began spiraling out of control that reached 592 pounds.

Both Justin and Lauren met online until they have grown fond each other’s company. The only problem is that their desire to eat more grew as they go out together. They have eaten a lot of unhealthy foods constantly and kept of packing up the pounds.

Their lives took a serious turn when Justin was rushed to the hospital after going to work. His doctors could have diagnosed him easily to find the problem, but the imaging machine wouldn’t be able to support his entire weight. With no other option, the doctor’s only relied through their diagnosis of a kidney infection and fortunately they were accurate after studying their patient carefully.

The Scary Warning of the Final Straw

Weight-Loss Emergency1Before Justin was rushed to the hospital, the couple has experienced different types of subtle warnings about their increasing weight. Some of these incidents include restriction from theme park rides and even a possibility of dejection from travel through an airplane. All of the reasons sound similar because they simply won’t fit. It is one cold, hard fact that they have heard time and again.

The Path to Recovery

After the hospitalization of Justin, the couple has said that something has to change in their lifestyle in order to make their lives better; and that change has to start right away. The couple then hired a physician to guide towards the right path. The physician gave the couple clear instructions about what to eat and what not to. They also follow a weekly gym schedule and an app that helps them keep track of their progress. Although they have cravings of the food they used to eat, they always see to it that they maintain their total weight loss of 538 pounds.

What You Need To Know About Your Fitness Age

Your Fitness AgeIf you wish to quantify your fitness then you have to have access to a laboratory designed for this purpose. As you can see, this can be very challenging especially if you are just an ordinary individual. Luckily, the researchers at the Norweigan University of Science and Technology have been able to device a method to accurately evaluate your fitness as well as your fitness age. This method can also determine if your body functions efficiently, how well it should in accordance to your weight.

Their research involved 5000 Norweigans with ages ranging from 20 to 90. Different measurements were taken and noted such as the height, body mass, resting heart rate and many more. Each individual subjected to the research also filled out a questionnaire to assess their lifestyle. Their peak oxygen intake or VO2 max was also measured by running in a treadmill until they are exhausted. The VO2 max is essential in determining the person’s fitness age.

They also found a way to determine the person’s VO2 max without asking them to run in a treadmill. They only had to take five specific measurements such as the person’s waist circumference, resting heart rate, regularity of exercise, age and sex. By using these and creating an algorithm, they were able to accurately determine the VO2 max of the person with precision.

All the pertinent data which they have gathered were used to create an online calculator. This online calculator can be used by individuals to determine their fitness age without having the need to go to a lab. You can use this Your Fitness Age1yourself. All you need to have are those 5 measurements mentioned earlier.

You may be wondering how you can determine your resting heart rate. It is pretty simple. All you have to do is check your pulse after resting for about 10 minutes. Count the rate of your pulse within 30 seconds then multiply it by two. The resulting number would be your resting heart rate. Use these measurements when you make use of the online calculator and you will determine your fitness age. If you wish to have a good fitness age then you have to make sure that you exercise regularly. Once you do this, you can always calculate your fitness age. The lower your fitness age, the better.