5 of the Most Desired Yoga Travel Destinations

Yoga enthusiasts are continuously looking for new destinations to relieve themselves from the hectic routine of their modern life. For this purpose, they travel to yoga travel destinations around the world. They try to seek peace and tranquility by spending their time in such places.

Here are some of the best destinations for the yoga fanatics where they can lay down their mat and absorb the prevailing tranquility.


Bali is a paradise for yoga travelers. Its glittering shores, captivating temples, and serene atmosphere play a vital role to grab the attention of yogis from around the world. The divine energy surrounding the island renders this place more interacting than just a luxury spa resort or private resort.

The whole place is soaked into religious and reverent ceremonies. Bali streets offer the highest level of meditative elements. The pace of local life appears to be unaffected by the extensive flow of the visitors.

Sacred Valley—Peru

yoga at Sacred Valley

Located at the Andean highlands, Sacred valley welcomes yoga lovers with its pleasant colonial towns, airy villages, and Incan citadels. This place is flooded with the energy of Pachamama. The cloud covered mountain peaks, grazing alpaca, and sensational waterfall are some of the reasons why yogis from all around the world prefer to visit this place.

The prevailing spirituality and scenic beauty of this place are simply irresistible. Nidra Wasi is famous for its Hatha and Andean yoga sessions. You can also take part in various other training courses, which can help you to enhance your spiritual strength.


Boulder draws a considerable number of yoga lovers. This place is thriving with ponderosa-fringed trails, dramatic mountains, and rugged creeks. It appears to be a fertile land for yogis and peace seekers.

Here you can practice outdoor yoga, which proves to be quite rewarding. For instance, you can enjoy SUP Yoga, which involves paddleboard yoga sessions. It allows you to focus on the breathing techniques and mind control.


Yoga tofo

The small town of Tofo is indeed a charismatic destination for the yogis. This place casts a unique impact, which soothes the body and mind of yoga enthusiasts. The coastal area is teeming with whale sharks, humpbacks, and dolphins.

In addition, the Gaia-tree yoga shala and Turtle Cove are a few places, which turn out to be the ideal yoga retreats. Here, you can take yoga classes and practice your techniques among nature.


Being a renowned party destination, Ibiza may seem to be an unexpected destination for this list. However, this place is a perfect place for yoga practitioners. Ibiza is home to a variety of sheltered beaches, peaceful pine forests, and secret coves.

This island is a perfect place to get involved in natural serenity and peaceful environment. There are numerous yoga and wellness retreats, which sprawl through the island. For example, Hidden Yoga is such a place, which allows you to attend yoga sessions at outdoor locations.

The paddleboard and clifftop Hatha yoga sessions are some of the most prominent examples. These sessions are usually conducted at secluded coves. In order to enjoy a conventional yoga experience, you can spend some time at the YogaRosa retreat.