Best places in the World to Start a New Business

If you are looking for an ideal place in the world to start your business, we have something for you to explore. Given below are 7 of the highly recommended countries in the world, which offer the best business environment, lucrative opportunities, and compelling incentives.

All 7 of these countries are prime locations to create a business in. But more than anything you just need to take action. People open up new operations on a daily basis. So don’t wait until you are too old and your body’s state of peak health is past it’s prime. Granted, some of the best entrepreneurs have had late in life success. But that’s when you can less afford to lose.

New Zealand

Apart from other positive aspects of starting a business in New Zealand, the most amazing incentive for the entrepreneur is the fast track registration process. This online procedure takes just a few hours to seek permission for setting up a business in New Zealand.

Although New Zealand has emerged as an agrarian economy, it is also an ideal place for commercial activity. There are world-renowned businesses associated with industry and e-commerce. In addition, New Zealand offers specific protection packages for small investors.

Its efficient tax codes, pro-competition regulations, free trade agreements, and open political system are some of the reasons why New Zealand is the best place to start a new business.


Norway has seen some good years in the technology sector and the economy is still growing at the required pace. Moreover, a safe environment and energetic workforce compel international businessmen to launch their ventures in this country. The startup procedure is simple and hassle-free, which takes no more than four working days.


With its highly skilled workforce and impressive living standards, Sweden is a perfect country to start your business. Its strong commerce statistics, persuasive incentives, and well-developed infrastructure are some of the other reasons why you should choose Sweden when starting a new business.


Georgia is among the top places in the world, which offer a suitable environment for new businesses. This country has welcomed businessmen from emerging economies and allowed them to grow their trade. Starting a business in Georgia is way too simple, as you need just two days to register your company in this country.


Korea is among the best location where entrepreneurs can start their new businesses. South Korea is on the stronger side, as there is no energy crisis and it is quite easy to trade across the borders. The most interesting fact that most of us don’t know is that Korea’s internet facility is the fastest in the world. This feature alone attracts thousands of entrepreneurs to visit Korea and start their businesses.


The effective digitization policy of Denmark’s is the basic factor that persuades startup and entrepreneurs to launch their venture in this part of the world. The registration process is easy and takes less than anticipated time. In addition, the process involved during employee insurance registration and acquisition of a NemID signature is also simple.

You can complete all these procedures within just one day. The amount you have to pay for registration is as low as $98 USD (670 Kroner). Moreover, trading across the border is a hassle-free process. In fact, it offers a free border for exports and imports.

Hong Kong

Although increasing the registration fees is a matter of concern for numerous startups, Denmark is still offering a wide range of opportunities for the new businesses. Especially minority investors enjoy a more secure environment than any other place. It is a great place to start a construction business or products associated with it. This is so, as obtaining a construction permit in Hong Kong is quite a simple task.